Minnesota Young Birders Club


The Minnesota Young Birders Club is supported by the Science Museum of Minnesota. It is open to kids age 13-18 from Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Annual membership is $20.00 but youth can attend one event prior to becoming a full member.

The Minnesota Young Birder Club connects youth to other young birders in the state via monthly field days, workshops, and social media. We provide a challenging environment where youth can learn about birds, conservation and science while socializing with friends. – Minnesota Young Birders Club

There are many programs/field trips listed on the club’s website with more listed on their Facebook group page.

Overall, the Minnesota Young Birders Club is off to a great start. We suggest they get a website separate from the Science Museum of Minnesota and allow the young members the ability to add content and share information.

Hopefully they can expand their reach across the entire state of Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Young Birders Club

  1. Thanks for sharing information about the club. We don’t have a website separate from our parent organization with built in sharing as youth use a private Facebook group for that. They can share sightings, photos and questions but for the youth’s privacy the group is closed to the public. Maintaining that privacy is one of the challenges of working with minors. I’m sure we’ll be expanding the existing public site by the end of the year so we can share all of the fun things we’ve done.

  2. Minnesota Young Birders Club – we can see where youth privacy can be a definite concern. It is wonderful they have the Facebook group to connect with each other. We will be looking forward to seeing the expansion of the public site as well.

    Keep up the great work!

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