Maine 2012 – Traveling Through New York

Some of the Birdfreaks (Jennie and Dakota from Ohio and Mom/Dad [Grandma/Grandpa] in Illinois) traveled to Maine this June. Birds, mammals, snapping turtles in the road mixed with a whole lot of natural wonders and history made this a memory-building experience!

One of the first things we found was an awesome rest stop by Chautauqua Lake. A large group of Cedar Waxwings and numerous Yellow Warblers welcomed us.

Makes for a Nice Postcard!
Chautauqua Lake, NY 2012

We saw some incredible parts of New York. Stopping to see the capitol city, Albany, we were treated to a Peregrine Falcon sighting. Doing a bit of research we found that the Peregrine Falcon population in New York is steadily growing:

“New York City now has probably the largest urban population of peregrine falcons anywhere, and peregrines nest on every Hudson River bridge south of Albany.”—New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation

Albany is a Beautiful City
Albany, New York

Dakota – Has Now Climbed a Tree in AlbanyAlbany, New York

We also made a few stops for views of Lake George and Lake Champlain. There were a LOT of Ospreys nesting on power poles and nesting platforms along the way which was very exciting.

Lake George
Lake George

Osprey Nest – One of MANY
Osprey Nest

One of the cool things about traveling is finding a neat place by chance. We needed to have our picnic lunch and found a small park in with a replica of an 18th Century Blockhouse in Stillwater, New York – right along the Hudson River.

A blockhouse is a small, isolated fort in the form of a single building
Stillwater, New York - Blockhouse

New York is full of great places to check out: but that is another trip.

To be continued…

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