Keep Your Cat Indoors

#23 of 31 Days to Better Birding and Conservation

There is no reason you can’t own a cat and be a birder. But there is also no reason for your cat to be outdoors. Cats are not evil or bad, but there natural instincts are to hunt – birds, mice, small mammals, reptiles, etc. No matter how well fed your cat is, outside they are hunters.

The American Bird Conservancy is heading a program to keep cats indoors. Not only are outside cats a detriment to wildlife, they put themselves at risk every time they step foot outside. They could get a disease, be hit by a car, attacked by a wild animal, etc. Keeping cats inside is one of the easiest ways to help conservation (if you own a cat, of course).

Just last month, Veery was involved in a most unfortunate happening. While driving down a city street, a house cat sprang across the road and was hit. The cat did not survive and there was nothing Veery could’ve done to avoid the cat. It was obviously terrible for the owners as Veery brought their cat to them wrapped in a blanket, not sure if they were the owners or not. But it was also terrible for her and her son, Dakota, to have witnessed it.

So please, keep your cats indoors and spread the word for others to do the same!

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