Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts (IBET)

Many states have an ongoing forum that birders report and read about birds in their state. IBET is a free group that anyone can join and add to, with just a few reasonable rules.

IBET has over 1200 members, making it the most widely used bird communication site in Illinois.

Positives of IBET
  • Learn about new birding locations
  • Up-to-date area sightings
  • Rare bird alerts
  • Archived reports
  • Learn from other birders

Negatives of IBET
  • Broadcasted sightings of nesting and rare birds, causing potential stress
  • Lack of state-wide users; most are from the Chicago area
  • Newer birders possibly not feeling post-worthy

IBET is a valuable source for birders, but could use improvement. IBET could benefit from a better format, such as a blog, or if it was integrated with eBird.

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