Help the Cranes!

As posted on many blogs now, one of the Whooping Cranes from the flock of 18 in Florida has apparently survived.  However, Operation Migration and all those involved need your support.

From the Operation Migration website:

Dear Friends, both old and new,

The OM team thanks you for the hundreds of messages of sympathy we have received. It has been heartening to hear from so many of you and we take solace in knowing that others share our sorrow. We also know you share our joy and celebration at the survival of 615. What a bright spot he is in this sad time.

We wanted to let you know that the deaths of the chicks in the Class of 2006 is being investigated. All the remains have been collected for freezing, pending necropsy. At this point the cause of their demise is still unknown, although either a wind driven tidal surge, or lightening strikes reported nearby are suspected.

Our hearts are aching for the young birds that were lost. These chicks were like our children; the start of a new generation of life for the species. We also lament the loss of a year’s work by the many dedicated people who helped to raise them from eggs, and of the funds so generously given by so many.

In response to your requests, we have created a fund in memory of the Class of 2006. Contributions to the ‘Remembering the Class of 2006 Fund’ will go a long way to help us recover from a costly setback that amounts to a year of time and effort and approximately $500,000.

One of OM’s wonderful Craniacs suggested donors consider contributing $18 – that is, one dollar for each of the lost chicks, and $1 in celebration of 615’s survival. Of course contributions of any amount, small or large, are appreciated, and all will be recognized on a ‘Remembering the Class of 2006’ acknowledgement page we are creating on our website.

If you would like to contribute to the ‘Remembering the Class of 2006’ fund using PayPal, click the ‘Contribute’ button on the brown feather to the right [left], and then scroll down to ‘Other Contribution’. In the ‘Note related to donation’box, simply type the word, Remembering. If you prefer, call the office (Monday to Friday) at 1-800-675-2618. (Please note we only have one toll free phone line so be paitent.)

Without doubt, the reintroduction project has suffered an enormous setback. But we have not forgotten the years of successes. With your help, your morale and financial support, we will begin the 2007 season with renewed strength and commitment.

The OM Team

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