Heavy Rain + Frogs = Herons

Starting in late winter, throughout spring, and so far this summer we’ve had lots of rain. Just the other night a heavy thunderstorm dropped 2 inches of rain. The downside to all this rain has been the suspected flooding of local rivers (they don’t call them flood-plains because it sounds neat).

But, the increase of rainfall has meant massive numbers of frogs. We mean LOTS! {Side note: when we say “frogs” we mean “frogs and toads” – sorry, we’re not herpfreaks…yet}


With the abundance of frogs, Great Blue Herons lined up to feast at what must’ve been similar to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Great Blue Herons (with a Lesser Yellowlegs barely visible)
A Bunch of Great Blue Herons {Ardea herodias}

Not to miss out on the action, a couple of Great Egrets joined the Great Blues for dinner.
Great Blue Heron {Ardea herodias} and Great Egret {Ardea alba}

Great Egret coming in for a landing with onlookers
Great Blue Heron {Ardea herodias} and Great Egret {Ardea alba}

With the numerous flooded farm fields (sorry farmers) the upcoming months have the potential to be extra good for shorebird migration.

One thought on “Heavy Rain + Frogs = Herons

  1. I guess you can say that’s one plus for all the moisture (and that’s an understatement) the midwest has been getting. It must be fun to see so many shorebirds and other water-loving birds hanging around. BTW I like your new look.

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