Happy 100th Birthday – Roger Tory Peterson

A hundred years ago, Roger Tory Peterson was born in Jamestown, New York. We hope that Roger Tory Peterson Month will continue his memory in future years to come.

Roger Tory Peterson Month has been a fun time for us. We reviewed (and tested) the new Peterson Field Guide, read a few books about his life, one by Elizabeth J. Rosenthal and one by Douglas Carlson, and talked about All Things Reconsidered, a book Roger Tory Peterson wrote about his birding adventures.

Peterson in the field

Photo courtesy of Houghton Mifflin

We wish we could have met Roger Tory Peterson personally. Our knowledge of him comes only from books and the memories of others; for which we are thankful.

Here is to the hope that there will be a 100 more years of bird conservation. His mission is also ours as we work to conserve birds everywhere. Happy birthday Roger Tory Peterson!!

Dakota Using Swarovski Optics
Next Generation Bird Conservationist – Dakota

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