Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge – New Proposal for Northern Illinois Wildlife Refuge

There is a new proposal currently underway to create a new National Wildlife Refuge close to Birdfreak Headquarters (aka, northern Illinois). This new refuge would be called Hackmatack NWR and located in Walworth County in southern Wisconsin and McHenry County in northern Illinois.

The name Hackmatack (hack-ma-tack) is an Algonquin Indian word for the Tamarack Tree. The American Tamarack is just one of dozens of rare species that can be found in the proposed area for Hackmatack. Bird species such as Whooping and Sandhill Cranes, Bobolink, American Bittern, and Kentucky Warbler can all be found here.

Currently, the Friends of Hackmatack are seeking signatures (and donations) for a feasibility study in the area. Please read the petition and add your name and help make this new refuge a reality!

We support efforts to encourage the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to study the potential for the establishment of a national wildlife refuge in the northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin area. Such a refuge would promote economic benefits to the citizens of the region, protect unique wildlife habitats, expand recreational opportunities, and protect our waterways and drinking water.

Learn more and sign your name!

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