Great-Horned Owl at Our Apartment

For a few weeks now we’ve had a large and beautiful Great-Horned Owl perching in a big tree by our apartment building out in the country.

I tried digiscoping but the problem is the owl always perches behind branches, near dusk, and in poor lighting (with the sun going down directly behind him).

So, here are a few bad pictures where you can sorta make out the owl. (The close up shots were too blurry.) He’s on the right side of the tree!
Marriage 70/365 - Great-Horned Owl in Tree

Great-Horned Owl in Tree at Home

One thought on “Great-Horned Owl at Our Apartment

  1. While getting ready for work this morning, I could hear out the bathroom window the ping-pong ball bouncing hoot of a Western Screech Owl. In the dark of the morning, I walked out into the backyard in my underwear and found it in one of my tall trees. This is the 4th time I’ve noticed it in my yard, but it excites me every time. Maybe its because it was a nemesis bird for me for so long.

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