Getting Ready for the 6th Annual Ohio Young Birders Conference

Greeting from young Birdfreak birder and blogger Dakota Callaway (Outcalt)! This year on November 3rd the Ohio Young Birders Club will host the 6th Annual Ohio Young Birders Conference. I am honored to have been included this year as a speaker! My topic is going to be on Citizen Science and how it helps birds. I am very excited and nervous since this will be the first time speaking at an event.


My cousins Sammie and Allie will be coming from north-central Illinois to attend this year along with our Grandparents. This year’s event is going to be held at the Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm in Dayton, Ohio. We have never visited the center so that will be fun too.

The keynote speaker is going to be Benjamin Van Doren who is from White Plains, New York. He will be speaking about nocturnal migration and morning flight. The guest speaker will be Hope Batcheller, a student at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Other speakers include awesome young birders Kristina Polk, Kayla Parry, Kathleen Seeley and Doug Whitman. There will be field trips, bird quizzes, good food and a lot of networking fun with other young birders.

I recommend attending this conference if you can. It costs ONLY TEN DOLLARS for students and twenty for adults. All ages are welcome to attend! You can register here.

Last year’s conference was a blast. I met some really cool birders such as Paul Riss, who is doing a Punk Rock Big Year

November 2011 Conference

Hope to see you there!

Read about last year’s conference!

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