Fine Feathered Friends – All about Birds

Here is the answer to our Quick Quiz from Sunday!

The excerpt is from Fine Feathered Friends – All About Birds by Tish Rabe from the Cat In the Hat’s Learning Library. (44 pages)


This is a great example of true bird knowledge written in a fun format. (The only exception to truth comes at the very end of the book. The children receive a pet store bird called a Ruzzamatuzz.) The book includes facts about flycatchers and Whooping Cranes, spoonbills and Bald Eagles and many more! I would recommend this book to any young child.

So I will leave you with my favorite part:

Some birds that you see
love to glide through the sky,
while other birds stay on the ground
and can’t fly.

Take the New Zealand Kiwi
(whose name rhymes with peewee)-
both he-wi and she-wi
will never take flight.

And these shy little birds
like to stay out of sight
and search for their food
in the dark of the night.

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