Eddie the “Birdfreak” Turns 29

I (Jennie, aka Veery) am writing a special post to wish my brother EDDIE (aka Birdfreak) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


It usually does not matter who is doing the writing for Birdfreak.com. My brother and I write most of the Birdfreak posts. Other writers, such as our sister Susie and young birder Dakota (my 13-year-old) contribute as well as the occasional guest writer. We don’t usually say who writes what, and we like that about us!

But hopefully we are not too impersonal!

Really, we don’t hate the idea of identifying the WHO, but we really like having Birdfreak.com as a group voice. We want to promote conservation and birding and our love for the outdoors for everyone using a collective brain. It just seems to work for us! ☺

Eddie started with the small idea to start a birding blog and share all of his ideas with others. There is a big awesome world out there, for enjoying and conserving and this great outdoors is for anyone and everyone to be a part of. I am so happy to be a part of this mission!

If you have an extra minute: wish him a good one!

Me and Teddy

7 thoughts on “Eddie the “Birdfreak” Turns 29

  1. Kim – thank you very much! You inspire a LOT of birders (which includes the entire BF Team)

    Steve – thanks Steve!

    Idaho_Birder – thank you! I definitely feel a lot younger than 29 🙂 {Birding may be the fountain of youth.}

  2. Happy Birthday. By your joyous smile you should have many happy returns. Looking forword to future visits for birding pix and tweets

  3. Steven – thanks! That pic was taken at a preserve I frequent often.

    Lana – thanks much!!

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