D.R.B.S. #6

Continuing our Deer Run Bird Survey, we made our second survey for March today.

The weather was much better than earlier in the week when it snowed 4+ inches and we added four new species to our survey list. Our grand total is 46 species and 2,295 individuals.

New birds:

  1. Hooded Merganser
  2. Cooper’s Hawk
  3. Eastern Meadowlark
  4. Brown-headed Cowbird

We plan on picking up the pace for our surveys and doing at least three a month in April, May, and June.

You can view more information about what we are trying to accomplish with the Deer Run Bird Survey.

2 thoughts on “D.R.B.S. #6

  1. I’ve recently seen a pair of brown headed cowbirds in my yard, as well. As they’re brood parasites, I hope they’re not messing with any of our “regulars” (which probably took a big enough hit a couple of weeks ago, when another 1/2 acre of woods nearby was cleared for a house. *sigh*) In other news, I found a Carolina wren’s built a nest in a folded chair on my deck. There’s a picture of it in my recent “My Town Monday” post on my blog.

  2. Lana – we saw that photo!! It is really cool how Carolina Wrens nest in odd places. We only get House Wrens in our yard. The cowbirds are nuisances but it is sometimes hard to dislike them completely since they are native.

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