Dogs on Parade in Belvidere, Illinois

Dobella Nova Scotia or Bella, is my 4 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever and who-knows-what-else mix. She has accompanied me on numerous birding hikes as well as hundreds of walks. She had a rough life before I adopted her from a shelter and despite loving all people, is nervous and fearful of other dogs. But we are working diligently on solving the issue.

This past weekend Stacia and I took Bella to an event in Belvidere, Illinois (just east of Rockford) to socialize with other dogs and have a little fun in the sun. The weather was beautiful and there was a great turnout.

Bella heeling with me like a pro during the doggy cake walk
Bella and Me

I was unsure if Bella would behave due to her fear issues with other dogs but she did quite well. She gets excited when other dogs are in her personal space (when they approach directly and intimidatingly) and will bark and pull quite a bit.

Two massive Great Danes, one weighing in at 185 pounds
Two Huge Great Danes

There were a ton of beautiful dogs participating in various events (best trick, best name, biggest and smallest dog, cake walk, agility, etc.) but none more beautiful than our baby Bella.

Birdfreak and Bella
Me and Bella

We will be talking much more about our love of dogs and how they increase our love of the outdoors. Dogs are an extremely important part of the lives of all Birdfreak Team members and over the years we’ve noticed are part of many other birder’s lives as well.

3 thoughts on “Dogs on Parade in Belvidere, Illinois

    Please give Miss Bella a hug from Aunt Kimmer and tell her there’s a little ball of fur in Ohio named Kitty Meow Meow Head that knows what it’s like to live in the same house with bird-crazed humans!

    Thanks for the dose of sweetness!

  2. Kim – too funny about Kitty Meow Meow Head 🙂 Hugs have been given and please reciprocate for KMMH.

    Lana – agree completely! Dogs are amazing creatures!!

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