Digiscoping Tip – Aperture Priority or Av Mode

Digiscoping Tip: Setting the aperture to a low F-stop number is best for digiscoping, keeping the bird in focus at a long distance. Choose the Av (Canon) or A (Nikon) mode to enter aperture priority. This allows you to decrease the F-stop as far as your lens will allow you (F/1.4 for our Canon lens). This also lets the camera shoot with a higher shutter speed, a benefit when shooting through so much glass and reducing vibration.

We have never taken a photography class so much of how we shoot is good ‘ole trial and error. The beauty of digital photography is that it enables you to make adjustments as you go. Look for more tips and tricks soon!!

6 thoughts on “Digiscoping Tip – Aperture Priority or Av Mode

  1. Eddie – is the F-stop related to the lens rather than the camera itself? I have an Xsi Rebel with an 18-55mm lens on it and the lowest F-stop only went down to 4.5. I also tried an 80-200mm lens and the F-stop starts with 4.5, but then moves up to 5.6 when I zoom to 200mm. What kind of lens will give me a lower F-stop?

  2. Sweet Sweet Sweeter than Sweet! I’m going to attempt digiscoping soon. I only have a Vortex Sanpiper 65mm. I don’t know if the optical quality will be good enough to make it worthwhile.If nothing else, it should give me good practice though.

  3. I have a nikon p6000 and a swarovski 80 hd, do you know of an adaptor/s for this
    combination? Thanks. I enjoy your website.

  4. Thanks allot for these tips. I have tried digsicoping sometimes with good results..I enjoy all the info you have here on your blog.

  5. Dawn – You’re very welcome!! We try to give away as much of what we learn as possible… growing the collective knowledge of birders is what we desire 🙂

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