Deer Run Bird Survey – August Update

With a busier than expected July and August, we have been neglectful on doing full posts on our Deer Run Bird Surveys (D.R.B.S.) for a few weeks. However, we have still been collecting data and finding interesting birds. The plant-life is nearly more spectacular and certainly easier to photograph than the birds hiding in it.

Sedge Wren captured last year
Sedge Wren

Most notable was the first occurrence this year of Sedge Wrens. Somehow they passed us by in migration and early summer, but are now in full force at Deer Run. Information on local listservs indicates that Sedge Wrens will do “mini-migrations” south after nesting in the north and have another brood.

This is not too surprising considering the massive numbers of young House Wrens at our private nature preserve. Hardly a minute goes by during the day without the chattering of adult and baby wrens.

The other big news is a potential nesting Osprey along the Kishwaukee River. One was observed carrying a fish, which isn’t a direct sign but their presence is notable. They are not too common in our area and it seems a bit early for migration (but we are not Osprey experts).

Indigo Bunting
Indigo Bunting – August 13th, 2008

August 13 Survey

Birds such as Red-winged Blackbirds were in shorter supply, but Sedge Wrens and Eastern Meadowlarks were plentiful on this survey. There were also high numbers of Indigo Buntings, Eastern Bluebirds, and Field Sparrows. The only warbler spotted was the Common Yellowthroat. This survey did not produce any Osprey, but there were quite a few Red-tailed Hawks soaring high above.

With the addition of Sedge Wren, the total species list thus far is 143. 32 species of 246 total birds found was our ending total for the day. Total birds so far for our survey total 6,215.

The weather has been spectacular; warm and full of sunshine. We are looking forward to fall migration even as we hope summer never ends.

Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk

Butterflies and dragonflies were plentiful, although we have not identified them all yet. There was a high number of Tiger Swallowtails and Monarchs though as well as a lot of different types of grasshoppers along the prairie paths.


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  1. Good to hear about the monarch butterfly sightings. They’ve been having a really rough string of luck for some years now. <:(
    (BTW, thanks again to Eddie for fixing my problem!)

    Lanas last blog post..Birds in the Rain

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