Deer Run Bird Survey #17

A busy September made for a late start to September’s first D.R.B.S. The weather was sunny and high 70s, perfect for birding, following a very wet week here in northern Illinois.

Grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies, and many bees were the most numerous creatures, but we managed to find six Palm Warblers in the mix.

Palm Warbler
Palm Warbler

Another highlight was a lone Solitary Sandpiper, who very unceremoniously gulped a large earthworm after a short battle (though the drowned worm was already dead).

Solitary Sandpiper vs. Earthworm
Solitary Sandpiper

The quiet day gave us 26 species and 136 individual birds. Plus, a bunch of neat insects.

Eastern Tiger Swallow-tail – Black Morph
Eastern Tiger Swallow-tail (Black Morph)


4 thoughts on “Deer Run Bird Survey #17

  1. Thank you for such an informative birding blog; I enjoy your posts and read often! I’ve added your site to my blog under the “Fellow Birders’ Blogs” blogroll, and I hope many other visitors discover the wealth of birding information you offer. Thanks again!

  2. Klaus – not too bad at all 🙂

    Lana – Butterflies seem to be hit or miss and on the prairie we usually get luckier than other places

    Melissa – thank you for the kind words and the link… we will add you to our list of blogs as well 🙂

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