Dakota is Ten!

The big 1-0 !! Today, August 7th, 2007 (8-7-7), the little naturalist – son of Veery and nephew of Birdfreak turned 10 years old. (Sometimes we refer to him as “Kingfisher” or “Little Kingfisher”). Only a fifth grader, Dakota has been to some great birding places and has a lifelist of 171 birds. He has traveled to Whitefish Point, Michigan, been to Horicon Marsh several times, and has learned much about the natural world around him.

Dakota earlier this year on a cold day in late April
Cold Little Birder

Dakota is also old enough to start competing in the Young Birder of the Year Contest, hosted by the American Birding Association.

By offering a young birder the opportunity to see and learn about nature first-hand, we know Dakota will be an advocate for nature. Although he has plans to be a baseball player, car engineer, Jeff Corwin’s successor, BMX racer, dog rescuer, and a dozen other things that will surely change over the years. But, no matter what he is a birder!

3 thoughts on “Dakota is Ten!

  1. Happy Birthday young birder!! Sounds like he has many plans for keeping his life busy for sure! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ^v^ ^v^

  2. I hope Dakota had a happy birthday. How nice it is that some children can be exposed to and appreciate what nature has to offer. Good luck, Dakota, in Young Birder of the Year competition – you have a great start.

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