Cute Puppy at the Tree Farm

Over Thanksgiving break we cut down our Christmas tree at a local tree farm. There are always a lot of cute dogs there, mostly Golden Retrievers and now a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. This little black pup was all by himself so we decided to surround him with love!

Stacia with the little puppy
Stacia and Puppy

Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy

Who doesn’t love a cute puppy?

If anyone has any guesses on what kind of dog this little guy is. We asked a few employees but they didn’t know. We are guessing Newfoundland because of his enormous paws and thick fur, but it is just a guess.

One thought on “Cute Puppy at the Tree Farm

  1. Could be a newfie/berner mix. He has a face like a Berner without the markings. I know two dogs of this mix and they are both wonderful dogs.

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