13 thoughts on “Cougar in Northern Illinois!

  1. Not sure where . . . and haven’t heard anything since nor do I have a date that it was sighted. But I’ll keep trying to get more info!

  2. I live in Kingston off of Glidden and 72. A few yrs ago there was a cougar right in our neighborhood. Several neighbors saw it. I have small children and was very concerned. I call DNR and spoke to an officer, and we even had a meeting. I felt I was thought of as a bored or crazy housewife.” Well, another neighbor and his wife saw it. He said he didn’t believe it until he “saw it with his own eyes!” I think everyone should know about this.

  3. Laura – I think there are more Eastern Cougars (Puma concolor couguar) out there. I can understand the safety concern too but with an overabundance of deer and small mammals for them to hunt I wouldn’t worry to much. Although, this is definitely something to keep an eye on if they are establishing any sort of populations or if these are just faraway strays.

  4. Beth – wow . . . that is interesting. We got the photo from a politician/conservationist from around N. Illinois who received it from someone he knew (also in N. IL).

  5. FINALLY they have got a picture of this cat !!! now people can stop telling me Im seeing things and Im crazy!!!!

  6. I know these cats are around northern Illinois, I have seen them with my own eyes. But this picture has been floating all over the Internet, 2 weeks ago someone posted this pick on Facebook and said it was taken off the bike trail by the prison in Dixon!

  7. Shawn – you are most correct! I don’t know where the photo originated but it is still interesting that there are big cats around.

  8. Recently spotted one on Roite 21 in Gurnee
    Was driving north just passed Casey road turned on my high beams and caught a glimpse of one was about to cross the road but the lights made it do a quick turnaround and back to the open field. First glance thought it was a deer but then when it swung around the tail gave it away. I was surprised and baffled 11/30/17 2 am.

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