The following are the policies that are implemented at Birdfreak.com. While these policies do not cover everything, they provide a baseline for making your experience at Birdfreak.com the best possible.

  • ADVERTISING: Currently, we are not accepting any advertising from any optics company. Our agreement with Swarovski Optik is to only advertise their products. We offer various advertising options for other bird-related and web design/blogging products. View full Advertising Policy
  • REVIEWS: We have reviewed numerous nature-related books ranging from bird field guides to whimsical works about birders to detailed conservation and ornithological tomes. We are always open to review books and other nature-related products. View full Review Policy
  • COMMENTING: We have a stringent SPAM blocker in place that potentially will put your comment in SPAM. If this happens, send us an email. Otherwise, comments are freely open for those to express their opinions so as long as they stay on topic, do not attack other commenters, are not vulgar or hateful, or in any other ways make the experience any less enjoyable for other viewers. We always reserve the right to delete ANY comment for ANY reason without any explanation. Comments, once approved, go live and will stay visible to anyone that wishes to see them.
  • PRIVACY: We are extremely protective of internet privacy rights and will never publish anyone’s email or use your email for any sort of mailing list, internal or external. We are especially protective of young birders that may wish to be interviewed or participate in guest blogging or other activities. These birders will have their names and locations hidden or altered.
  • PARTICIPATION: Anyone who uses our contact form, comments on the blog, joins the One Million Birder Project, links to our site, or in any other way participates in Birdfreak.com allows us to post information provided. This does not mean we will post any personal information (as stated above in PRIVACY), but we obtain the right to post any or all of what is discussed, credited to the participant.
    Special note: Participation in any contest, meme, signup, etc. is open to anyone so long as they abide by the rules of that activity.
  • DOWNLOADS/CODE: We offer several documents for download that are available in PDFs [portable document form]. We are not responsible for any errors encountered when downloading these documents or when accessing them on your computer. Any implementation of code we make available, say to post a badge on your site, is the sole responsibility of those using the code. We assume no responsibility for errors encountered if this bungs up your website.

While not actually a policy, our mission statement is posted here to help those better understand the purpose and goals of Birdfreak.com

    1. Promote bird conservation and other conservation projects that indirectly help birds
    2. Promote the enjoyment of birding – Whether it is a hobby, sport, past time, obsession, line of study, etc., birding provides several beneficial aspects including exercise, relaxation, stress relief, social interaction, ascetic values, spiritual, and more
    3. Promote birding specifically to young birders – Promote young birder involvement in the hobby and science of birding, building a new base of birders and future bird conservationists
    4. Promote Citizen Science – how the many birders have a responsibility and ability to partake in bird studies
    5. Share birding and conservation information – photos and any info we have is free to spread around the world like manure to help grow a patch of conservation-minded birders
    6. Use marketing tools to promote all of the above – promoting all things bird-related without any political or financial bias