ConserveOnline – Meeting Place for the Conservation Community

ConserveOnline is a free online community for conservationists. Maintained by the Nature Conservancy, ConserveOnline offers the ability to post data, documents, images, maps and other resources; announce upcoming meetings or events and host discussions in your workspace; search for documents within a selected list of conservation organization websites.

The new ConserveOnline allows conservationists anywhere easily manage their local knowledge flow, via free and fast coordination and document management tools; identify other individuals and organizations who are doing similar work; grow the existing global library of conservation tools, techniques, and experiences; discuss how and where to channel resources for the greatest conservation impact; and share successes and failures to ensure that proven strategies – not failed approaches – are repeated and strengthened.

ConserveOnline has been recently revamped and looks to be a great tool for conservation organizations all over. In a simple search for Blue-winged Warbler we found 24 results with various articles about this species. As more organizations sign up, this resource will only improve, although the information overload is a bit heavy.

2 thoughts on “ConserveOnline – Meeting Place for the Conservation Community

  1. Thanks for this post. We welcome comments on how we can make ConserveOnline more useful, so feel free to contact us at

    We really hope that ConserveOnline evolves into an online community of conservationists (scientists, practitioners, activists, planners, etc.) who can share data, tips, successes and failures. The more we can promote openness and transparency in conservation the better off we will be.

  2. Jonathan – You are welcome. We will be partaking more and more with ConserveOnline and agree the openness is vital to increasing conservation.

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