Conservation Districts — A Local Solution

If every person threw a piece of trash on the ground, the ground would be a landfill. So, if every person did a local environmental project would the results be just as big, but in a positive way?

Too often, it is easy to say “the government doesn’t care about the environment” and just put it off on “them”. ( I am not trying to make a political statement–so please don’t respond with how much you dislike this or that government.)

What I am trying to say is that we little, local people in every little, local place must deal with our little, local areas when it comes to the environment. An average person, regardless of how much they love…oh let’s say birds…cannot devote every waking hour to saving the whole world. Even a person with a full time job restoring habitat is usually only working on one region at a time.

So, what am I promoting?

Local Conservation districts
A conservation district helps local people with conservation of their local environment.

The mission is to use public, private, local, state, and federal resources to develop local solutions to local problems.


Local, Local, Local

Spokane County Conservation District, Lehigh County Conservation District, and the Vermilion County Conservation District are just a few examples showcasing what these local organizations do. Native plant programs, environmental activities, sediment reduction programs – the list goes on and on.

To anyone working on a national or state level; keep up the good work!  I am not putting higher government down in any way, I just want to discuss how lots of local activity can have large-scale results as well.

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