Colbert Roots for a National Bald Eagle Day

Not counting cool Kenn Kaufman and other great birders and authors, we tried finding a well-known celebrity bird-lover to feature on a post. We were looking for someone who is well known among the non-birders. We found exactly one, and his specialty is the Bald Eagle. I know, there are many features done on the Bald Eagle, after all it is one of the most popular bird species in the United States. Can you imagine the help birds would get if even ONE big name was an actual birder?
Bald Eagle

Stephen Colbert, who hosts The Colbert Report on Comedy Central LOVES Bald Eagles and talks about them on his show. Last night, some of the Birdfreak Team caught Colbert explaining that there should be a National Bald Eagle Day and of course we agree. He even had someone from the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minnesota on the show to talk about them. Very cool, especially when late night (and early and middle-of-the-day) talk shows usually have one or two topics featuring Paris Hilton (who probably won’t ever become a birder).

Bald Eagle (juv.)

Are there any other potential celebrity birders out there? The Birdfreak Team will have to keep searching. There must be someone out there that could promote birding and conservation to its fullest. Who knows? Maybe with the help of Laura Erickson and Birdchick we really can have our first nationally-known celebrity birder.
Bald Eagle

5 thoughts on “Colbert Roots for a National Bald Eagle Day

  1. one of the coolest birds ever……Paris Hilton birding? (Yikes!)
    Ive heard theat a bunch of politicians in the States are birders…

  2. I’ve hear that Neil Peart of Rush, Bono, and Jimmy Carter are birders.Phil Donahue hosts the Eagle Fest and has a Purple Martin Cam. Your right though-It’s actually surprising that there is no big time celebrity birder.

  3. That’s cool about Phil Donahue. Jimmy Carter was the one I thought I had heard was into birds, but I wasn’t sure. If only the thrushes were as popular as eagles!

  4. Thanks for the props.

    Daryl Hannah is a birder. She was interviewed on Graham Norton and he asked her about her Sibley that she carries around.

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