CNP Update: Wilson!

Migration seems to be delayed by 5-10 days in our area but has been steady and extremely enjoyable. This past week we have had more new year birds for the Callaway Nature Preserve.

One of the highlights was a group of Wilson’s Warblers, a little yellow warbler with a neat black cap that looks like slicked back hair.

Wilson’s Warbler – taken at a forest preserve, not our backyard
Wilson's Warbler
Note: Updated photo because originally posted the same one as the other day 🙂

The other major highlight was a Black-throated Blue Warbler that hung around all day Wednesday.
Black-throated Blue Warbler

Other notable birds included: Chestnut-sided and Magnolia Warblers, Ovenbird, Swainson’s and Gray-cheeked Thrushes, and a lot of activity with the local nesters: Downy Woodpecker, Gray Catbird, House Wren, and Northern Cardinal.

Water-logged Ovenbird

6 thoughts on “CNP Update: Wilson!

  1. Lana – They are adorable!!

    Mon@rch – The weather has been screwy in N. IL as well!

    Middleditch – Cats are a major problem but luckily goldfinches are pretty resilient and common

    Birdman Jon – Thanks much! Warblers are what make spring great (and make it hard to go to work 🙂

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