CNP Update: Downies and Drippers

Another Thursday, another week of new migrants. An Eastern Towhee made an appearance (finally!) along with a Brown Thrasher and the ever aggressive House Wren is back. Monday brought in almost a dozen Ruby-crowned Kinglets and a few more Hermit Thrushes as well.

The Downy Woodpecker couple is still working on their hole.
Downy Woodpecker

The highlights this week are the returning and budding plants, such as the Wild Columbine and Bluebells. The dripper has been put out and we eagerly await the next wave of migrants.

White-throated Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow

New Spring Arrivals

  1. House Wren
  2. Northern Flicker
  3. Eastern Towhee
  4. Brown Thrasher

5 thoughts on “CNP Update: Downies and Drippers

  1. Wonderful! the birds are going back home….last migrant I got this spring was a whipoorwill….Alas! until november to keep searching for my Chestnut Sided Warbler

  2. Wren – he was working diligently to make the whole the perfect size; although he better lay off the peanuts or he might get stuck 🙂

    Daniel – We’ll try to keep them safe and sound until they return back in the Fall

    Shelley – thanks! He’s been giving us quite a few chuckles with his antics as he makes the perfect home.

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