Citizens for Conservation

“Saving Living Space for Living Things” through protection, restoration and stewardship of land, conservation of natural resources, and education. – Citizens for Conservation

This is the mission of Citizens for Conservation (CFC), an organization located in Barrington, Illinois in Lake County. Their goals are to protect, inform and restore native plant and wildlife communities in the Barrington area.

CFC relies on volunteers and donations to acquire, restore and manage land. They have many programs for volunteers, Eastern Bluebird and Wood Duck house monitoring, bird, butterfly, and frog monitoring, and river, plant and tree monitoring. These programs track species of concern, alert to new problems, and also show the success of restoration efforts.

The CFC is a great example of local conservation that makes a real difference.

We hope that the success of CFC will become a model for other communities to enrich their areas through individual involvement. We are lucky to have a county full of wonderful preserves and natural areas, but we know it could be better. The more people that care, the more land that will be conserved.

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  1. While Metal detecting I found a Band

    On it Is AB 36 CFC 204 how do I find out what it means ?

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