Cerulean Warbler Conservation

I was a bit hasty at first in my thoughts of the status of Cerulean Warblers.  First off, I absolutely LOVE CERULEANS and all wood-warblers.  My first impression was that if it was delisted it wasn’t the end of the world for the species.  The Cerulean had gotten a load of good press and lots of conservation efforts had been put into place to help it that some listing didn’t really matter.  A reserve in South America had been created for the Cerulean (and others of course). I had thought that more efforts could go for other birds, since there are so many that need help.

But the more I read and mused over this, wood-warblers and all migratory birds are the most endangered of rapid population declines. A year-round bird has an easier chance to move locally if a forest or habitat patch is destroyed. Migratory birds can lose three ways – breeding, migration, and wintering grounds. (Actually four if you count both routes of migration.)  As habitat is destroyed, these birds have a much harder chance at survival in an already dangerous world.

I suppose I was turned off by the “Tragedy” and “Devasting” headings in some articles but whatever is best for the birds is all that really matters.

Read more about the Cerulean:

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I am rather disappointed in the fact that American Bird Conservancy does not have anything on the latest Cerulean issues.

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