Bordering on Conservation

The border wall has been an issue for some time now and there is no doubt that it will have some impact on wildlife. This is the typical short-sighted response to an issue, the same sort of thing we see time and time again. Not thinking in the long-term is the same reason most start-up companies fail.

A great example of this in action can be read over at Refuge Watch about a land swap on Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge property that hasn’t been done legally.

The Nature Conservancy, an organization we fully support, also has wonderful information about the issues of the border wall as well as why it is vital to keep the Hidden Wilderness on the Texas-Mexico Border “conservationally” secure.

This rich habitat is one reason why more than 400 bird species have been seen in the 800,000-acre Big Bend National Park—more than in any other national park in the United States.

No matter your view on this issue one thing is certain. The Nature Conservancy will continue to make great advances in conservation:

Private land owners, agricultural cooperatives, corporations, governments and conservation groups have banded together to place more than 2 million acres on both sides of the border under some kind of protection. And more land is being added every year. Through their efforts, the borderlands remains one of the continent’s wildest places.

It is necessary to keep our borders secure but there are many other ways to accomplish this.

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