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Steve Moore, a broadcaster and long-time birder, has launched a new online radio program called Birdwatch Radio. The program is freely available at and offers information on birdwatching events, birding gear, and new happenings in the birding world. The show’s episodes can be downloaded through iTunes as a free Podcast as well.


The first episode reviews the Birdwatch America nature products trade show in Atlanta. Especially interesting is an interview with Clay Taylor at our favorite binocular company, Swarovski. The current plan is for once-a-month shows although we hope it will be more often than that, preferably at least once a week.

“My long-term plan is to actually schedule some live call-in programs that will allow you to join in the conversation with some of the personalities and experts we plan to host. Also, I want to have a section for some news updates from the world of birding, and perhaps a schedule of events, reviews of birding festivals, etc.” – Steve Moore

Birdwatch Radio, especially when live call-in programming takes place, will be great for passing on bird information to birders. So
check out and you will love it!

6 thoughts on “Birdwatch Radio

  1. Thanks for the interesting link. By the way the link you provided didn’t work for me, you might want to check it. I went in and typed in the link for myself.

  2. Vern – good catch! The link should be fixed now

    Lana – enjoy!!

    Mon@rch – will be interesting to see how their site evolves over time…

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