Birds at the Luau in Hawaii

Peacock in a Tree
We attended a luau (Smith’s Tropical Paradise Garden Luau) when we were in Kauai, Hawaii and the food was insanely awesome. We ate Kalua pork and the best fried rice ever (among many many other items). The show was a bit cheesy but had some great dancing at times.

But before eating and dancing, we toured the 30 acres of tropical grounds and saw a lot of cool birds.

Displaying peacocks and a ton of Zebra Doves
Peacocks and Zebra Doves


Me and a friendly Muscovy Duck
Eddie and Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck

‘Alae ‘ula or Hawaiian Moorhen
‘Alae ‘ula (Hawaiian Moorhen)

Silver Pheasant

We also found a flock of Nene (Hawaiian Goose) but couldn’t get a photo of them.

We highly recommend the Smith’s Garden Luau if you are in Kauai. It was tons of fun!

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  1. I made my first visit to Hawaii at the age of 51. I was fortunate enough to go with my parents, and on their 55th wedding anniversary we enjoyed the Smith Family Luau. The grounds are beautiful, the hosts were amazing, and the food was delicious. The entertainment was beautifully done. Well worth going.

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