birdJam: Learn Bird Songs the Easy Way

It’s been a year since we got our birdJam software and reviewed it here on the blog. A year later birdJam is still helping us learn bird songs at home and in the field.

Here are 6 reasons why we love the birdJam software:

  1. Removal of name identification – the top reason to get birdJam software is because it removes the voice that calls out the names of the birds. While this might seem like an odd thing to do when learning bird songs, it is important for two reasons: when learning a bird song it is important to know the name AFTER hearing the sound, not before. You can look at the name of the bird afterwards. The second reason, see #2
  2. Use in the field – by removing the voices, you can play back bird calls in the field to attract birds. There are obvious ethical implications involved when doing this and we suggest reading the American Birding Association’s Code of Ethics (1b).

    iMainGo is a battery-operated portable speaker for use in the field
    birdJam iMainGo

  3. Used with an iPod – there are many types of mp3 players out there but Apple’s iPod is still the top of the line. With this comes a notable price difference, but the cost of iPod Nanos has gone down considerably and there are many options available. birdJam software is designed to be used with iTunes (the music software for iPods) so the two work wonderfully together.
  4. Easy to use – installing the software is easy with detailed instructions that guide you through a few clicks
  5. Packaged deals available – while we already owned an iPod and the Stoke’s CDs when we bought the birdJam software, there are many packaged deals available, including the fully loaded 8GB iPod Touch
    ipod touch
  6. Add-on modules – birdJam offers software for eastern and western bird species but is always adding new modules. They currently have add-ons for SE Arizona & Sonora, Mexico and Costa Rica: Caribbean Slope.

We have used birdJam numerous times in the field, including on Christmas Bird Counts to call in birds, a birding trip where we had to determine if the bird in question was a Louisiana or Northern Waterthrush, and other times when trying to call out owls in the night. At home, the software is used a lot to teach kids and ourselves bird songs. With the playlists (both provided and added ourselves), we can select a set of birds to study, such as warblers in the spring.

Last year’s birdJam review we gave 10 out of 10 feathers and we feel that rating still stands strong.

9 thoughts on “birdJam: Learn Bird Songs the Easy Way

  1. I never appreciated my iBirdpod (BirdJam now) until I enrolled in a graduate level Ornithology course. It it really the cats meow

  2. Nice gadgets, but a bit pricy for the budget birder. You know, 2 teenagers eating me out of house and home, oil prices out of sight! I find too that most of my use of recordings is during an official count like a CBC or the PA Spring Migration Count, otherwise I’m content not to use them out in the field.

  3. Daniel – the price varies quite a bit (and no birds from Honduras yet)

    Lana – definitely a lot of ways to spend hard-earned money!!

    Rick – it surely is a great tool for learning bird sounds!!

    Vern – we have been trying to do more counts so having bird calls in the field really helps

    Larry – it’s worth the cost, but is easier if you already have an iPod and/or digital bird songs.

  4. I’m interesting in software of mexican’s birds songs for an ipod. How much those it cost? Do you have a free version? Thank you and a happy 2009!

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