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It is time once again to hype up the awesome Internet Bird Collection (IBC)!
They now have 3590 species and 14118 videos! Amazing!
When we posted about the IBC back in January, they had 12,000 videos covering 3,259 species.

This is such a fun way to review migratory birds before they arrive. There are quite a few videos of New World Warblers such as the Chestnut-sided Warbler and the Yellow-breasted Chat. My favorite clips to view on the IBC are the ones that show the birds singing. I can’t get enough of the Winter Wren song.
The IBC keeps growing but still no Road Runner. Still, one of the best sites to view good quality birds, species by species.

One thought on “Birding Videos

  1. That Chestnut sided warbler makes my day, what a lovely lil bird, never seen it down here but theres a bunch of sightings, I got me a Blackburnian Warbler last weekend, but still no chestnut sided ones….(sigh)
    Good video by the way 🙂

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