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I can’t remember when we signed up for Birding Pal but it wasn’t that long ago. Birding Pal is a cool site that simply put is a way for out of town birders to find other birders to go birding with. A little over a week ago I was contacted by a birder from San Diego that was going to be in Rockford this week.

American Redstart – we had an excellent assortment of warblers
American Redstart

So today, I met up with her (Jan) and her sister and brother-in-law who live in Boulder, Colorado. What better way to spend a Saturday morning than birding with three people from two vastly different locations?

I decided to meet at Rock Cut State Park because I knew of a cooperative Cerulean Warbler location and the trail we took is excellent for group birding (wide and flat with a creek and trees all around). The Cerulean was almost an immediate success as we were rewarded with impressively low views in bright lighting.

With that sighting, I knew we were going to have a fun time and the rest of the morning went by all too fast. Some of the other highlights included low Northern Parulas, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, American Redstarts (male and female), young Indigo Buntings, several flyover Great Blue Herons, and more Wood Thrushes singing than I’ve EVER heard at the park.

A neat Red Admiral (thanks for ID help!) on a IL DNR sign
Red Admiral

We saw several interesting butterflies as well as a nice assortment of dragonflies. We might never become butteflyfreaks or dragonflyfreaks, but they are fun to watch and something I’d love to try digiscoping. I had one of the best times birding today.

If you haven’t joined Birder Pal we suggest you do. And if you’re ever in the Rockford area and want to go birding, let us know!

7 thoughts on “Birding Pal

  1. I had thought about signing up for Birding Pal before and didn’t, but now after reading this post, I did.

  2. I’ve used this service when I went to Belgium last year and I am also signed up for it. It’s a really great resource.

  3. I’m signed up for Birding Pal but I don’t think many come to Connecticut to bird.
    Sounds like you had a great day of birding.-Low viewing of birds like that makes all the difference.-I remember a day of seing over a dozen type of Warblers in a tree but with terrible views because of height and lighting.-By the way Eddie-I tagged you for an 8 random facts Meme-Check my 7/10/07 post for details if you would like to participate.-thanks.

  4. Larry – I would love to go birding in Connecticut… that is where Roger Tory Peterson’s home is/was I think. We did the 8 random facts but couldn’t come up with enough people to “tag” so we did it a little different.

    Vern – that’s great you signed up!

    Patrick – it really is a great service; I plan on using it more often, even more locally.

  5. Hi there,
    we organize bird trips to Venezuela.
    Birdingpal helps us a lot to find birders who want to come to the country.
    In early December we will start a tour with several Birdingpals.
    If anyone has interest you can contact us to our website or direct to birdingpal
    Saludos y Gracias
    Joe Klaiber

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