Birding Ohio – Winter Robins and Lots of Snow

There used to be berries on the trees outside of our living room window. For weeks now a very large group of American Robins have been gathering in the tree line just past our yard and NOT eating those berries.

American Robin

February sixth, the day after a six inch snowfall and apparently having been told we are to have six more weeks of winter, these robins decided to eat almost every last berry: all on the same day! About six Blue Jays hung around all day to help with the berry feast along with a Northern Mockingbird pair and a few European Starlings.

Why that day? My son Dakota who has decided to start up blogging again thinks he has the real scoop : American Robin Warfare. I don’t know about that, but it sure was interesting to watch.

American Robins

American Robins

Now we’ll see who shows up for the Great Backyard Bird Count! Good birding out there and stay warm!

No shortage of snow here!
Februrary 9 Snow

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