Birding Missouri – Searching for a Painted Bunting and Finding Citizen Scientists

Veery and her son Dakota have temporarily moved! The Birdfreak Team is partially split for the summer/fall as Veery spends six months working in Jefferson City, Missouri. Join them as they answer the question: How’s the birding in Mid Missouri?

Painted Buntings occur in Missouri based on reports I have found. Two weeks ago, one was spotted in Jefferson City. This week, another sighting reported in St. Charles County. Will Dakota or I see one this year? We are hopeful, but it hasn’t happened yet.

While doing a bit of internet research, I came across a team of citizen scientists who are all about this gorgeous bird. Their goal is to develop ways to help sustain the population of Painted Buntings in their eastern ranges. Painted Buntings are not endangered but their numbers are declining.

The Painted Bunting Observation Team (PBOT) is a “group of citizen scientists who aid in developing strategies to sustain the Eastern Painted Bunting population throughout the Carolinas and Florida”. The project does not cover any found in Missouri.

This group records and catalogs sightings (anyone can sign up and join this effort) and then publish and discuss the data. By tracking and monitoring their numbers, a possible answer to why they are declining could then lead to helping their numbers improve.

To join the group:

Learn more about Painted Buntings from Cornell’s All About Birds.

3 thoughts on “Birding Missouri – Searching for a Painted Bunting and Finding Citizen Scientists

  1. This is wonderful that they are doing this. I have never seen a painted bunting myself and I hope I get to see one someday! Have fun in Missouri. I have never birded there.

  2. Kathiesbirds – Painted Buntings are amazing and one you should definitely seek out to see. I (Birdfreak) have only seen one once in Texas and it is a bird I must see again!!

  3. I have a male and female feeding in my backyard. I hope they mate and bring the fledglings by. Gorgeous creatures. Southwest Missouri

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