Birding Missouri – A New Lifer!!

Veery has temporarily moved! The Birdfreak Team is partially split for the summer as Veery spends a few months working in Jefferson City, Missouri. Join in on her adventures through a new state and her quest to answer this question: How’s the birding in mid-Missouri?

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My niece’s birthday was Saturday (July 25) and to celebrate I decided to get a LIFE BIRD, a Carolina Chickadee! Lifers are hard to come by for me in this area, so I was excited to finally see this one. I’m living “on the border”!

I know the Black-capped Chickadee and the Carolina Chickadee seem to rarely mix, but here in Jefferson City, they do. I was hiking at Runge Conservation Nature Center and I found both chickadee species in various locations, singing loudly. I really like the song of the Carolina Chickadee, but as looks go, I can’t tell them apart. My next goal is to get a photo of one for our Photo Lifelist (or wait until Birdfreak visits me with his awesome camera)!

Good Birding Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Birding Missouri – A New Lifer!!

  1. That’s cool you got to see both birds. Now what would really be odd would be to see three different species in the same spot! Here in California, depending where you are, there are two species — the chestnut-backed chickadee and the mountain chickadee. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to spot both species in the same location.

  2. I just started birding a couple months ago and was so excited when I came across the Carolina Chickadee a couple weeks ago. It’s such a sweet bird.

  3. Susan – awesome!! Welcome to the birding community and feel free to inquire about anything! Carolina Chickadees are such a treat for us “northerners”.

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