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Birding Illinois by Sheryl De Vore is the premiere source for birding hotspots in Illinois. With over 110 locations discussed, Birding Illinois covers the state from top to bottom and east to west. Besides discussing where to bird, this book also breaks down when to bird, an excellent feature for resident birders as well as those looking to travel to the Prairie State.

Our only qualms about this book are that the Chicago area is featured more prominently than the rest of the state and, being published in 2000, the book is already quite out of date. Obviously limited to space, there are many locations that are not covered, including many in our county (Winnebago) which is understandable, yet a bit disappointing. With a large number of birders living in Chicago and the outlaying area, it too makes sense for that area to be well covered.

A Turkey Vulture soaring above the Rock River
Turkey Vulture by Rock River

That said, Birding Illinois is an excellent resource for birders, with well written and researched data. We have some of the best birding in Illinois, and this book shows this off.

We don’t know if an update is in the works, but we are hoping that an online version may be created, something we have started for our own county.

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  1. I started birding 62 years ago in Kane County, with my aunt taking an eager 4 year old for long birding hikes. I have my original book with my birds marked as I saw them. The Fermi lab was the farm where we got our eggs. I have followed the birding at Fermi lab in the past, and wonder if anyone is allowed on the property to bird anymore. Keep up the good work, and it is work, but sounds like a labor of love. B

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