Birding Chicago

Although we live less than 100 miles from Chicago, Illinois, it is not a well-worn path for us. It seems between finding time and our unfamiliarity with the busy area, we just don’t get that way often.


Chicago birders are an important part of our avian community and a key factor in our rare bird theory. Partially, we feel that the Chicago region is “covered” and we should be exploring our areas that don’t have as many birders.

Chicago was the first United States city to implement a program to dim lights for migratory birds and they also look out for migratory birds with their Chicago Bird Collision Monitors group.

The Bird Conservation Network is a coalition of birding organizations focusing on conservation in and near Chicago.

BCN is a coalition organization whose current members are 20 bird clubs, Audubon groups, ornithological societies and other conservation organizations located primarily in the Chicago metropolitan area. The members of our member groups aggregate in excess of 40,000 people. BCN’s mission is the conservation of birds and the habitats they need to survive. There is no full time staff; BCN’s board is made up of volunteer representatives from the member groups who carry out the needed work.

Links to more Chicago-area bird/conservation websites:

  1. Chicago Audubon Society
  2. Chicago Wilderness
  3. The Chicago Region Birding Trail Guide (PDF)

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