Birding at Lunch

Nearly every work day I try to get out at lunch to do a little birding. Having an hour break away from the computer is great not only for stress relief but for finding what birds are on the move.

Brown Creeper – a lunchtime capture of a couple months ago
Brown Creeper

Of course, birding for less than an hour at midday is by no means the optimal bird-finding experience. However, just being out when the weather is nice (or not) is well worth the often low number of birds found. Of course, during migration these noon outings often yield the first-of-the-years for several species of birds.

Soon there will be Eastern Towhees, Brown Thrashers, and many more wonderful birds that I’ll hopefully discover on these short diversions from the corporate world.


7 thoughts on “Birding at Lunch

  1. Fantastic creeper shot! Some of my favorite birding moments were during lunch breaks in Bryant Park, at the corner of 42nd St and 6th Ave in NYC. How fun it was to spot scarlet tanagers in the foliage in Midtown, and what a great way to unwind for a few minutes in the midst of a hectic workday.

  2. What a cutie pie! I also birdwatch during my 2 15 minute breaks every day. Once I even brought my binoculars to work just for that purpose. I’ve been considering bringing my camera, too. Birding can get out of hand with me very quickly. *L*

  3. Iris – Thanks! It is always great to get out as often as possible

    Sandpiper727 – thanks much… Brown Creepers not only blend in but they aren’t around in our area too many months of the year so time is limited.

    Lana – The times I don’t bring the camera with me are almost always the times that a bird poses amazingly 🙂 Birding sure can get out of hand but its great when it does!!

  4. Great photo of the Brown Creeper! It is a stunning bird to find on your lunch break! Sometimes I wish I had an hour break!

  5. Mon@rch – thanks! That hour break is what often keeps me sane 🙂

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