Year 1 Stats

Some stats from our first year of Birdfreak! (Some numbers are from Google Analytics between March 27th and November 30th)

  • Total Vistors = 10,065
  • Total Page Views = 23,956
  • Number of Posts = 395
  • Number of Comments (including pingbacks) = 703
  • Number of Spams blocked by our spam blocker = 2,488
  • Total Number of Photos put on Flickr = 1,838
  • Total Number of Views of these photos = 8,842
  • Number of people signed up for the Million Birder Project = 37 [sign up here if you wish!]
  • Number of Duck Stamps purchased = 5

We’d have a list of birds seen this year but there were too many and not enough good record keeping. Hopefully this next year we will keep better records.

6 thoughts on “ Year 1 Stats

  1. John – Thanks and we hope so too!
    Mon@rch – Sometimes it seems like forever but then it goes by so fast!
    Zen Birdfeeder – Will do!
    Lana – Thanks and we hope to work even harder this year and beyond!!
    Larry – We are humbled by your kind words! Thanks much.

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