Birdfreak 100

I have been dreaming about the places I want to go birding in 2007 (when I have more vacation time) and I was also reminiscing of past trips. Some are super famous like High Island, Cape May, Salton Sea, Dry Tortugas, Cave Creek Canyon, etc. I want to build a list of the top 100 Birdspots based on information from other birders. Please add your favorites (as many as you wish) so I can start building a list – The Birdfreak 100.

Here are my top 5 favorites so far:

Horicon Marsh NWR, Wisconsin
Cave Creek Canyon, Arizona
Santa Ana NWR, Texas
Patagonia Lake State Park, Arizona
Rock Cut State Park, Illinois

and of course, my backyard – The Callaway Nature Preserve!

Please add your favorites! I have dozens more but want to hear from others first. Repeats are welcome!

3 thoughts on “Birdfreak 100

  1. So many wonderful places to go birding! How about other countries?? I think it would be fun to visit every NWR in the united states!

  2. Some of my favorite places are:

    Bear River National Wildlife Refuge, Utah
    Felton Prairie, MN
    Duluth, MN (espeically Hawk Ridge from September – November)
    Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, TX
    Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, TX
    Rowe Sanctuary, NE
    Crex Meadows, WI
    Anywhere in North Dakota in late spring/early summer

    Of course this list is subject to change with my moods, but at the moment these are my favorites. I’m sure that as soon as I hit send that I’ll think of five more.

  3. Well, uh, where else would I brag about being a super birding state besides Texas, Pard! The winter home of the Whooper, of course!
    One of my favorites I haven’t mentioned in a while is the Flamingo. There is just something about a bright pink wading bird that suits some of our Lady birders down here to a tee, but I like them, too.

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