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Birding blogs are fun to read (and fun to write!). Birds, birding, birders…a wonderfully huge topic, which means the variety of bird blogs is huge. Many Bird Bloggers have joined Fatbirder’s WebRing. We love Fatbirder‘s goal to link birders together, worldwide.

Bird Blogs can’t really get boring because they are always jazzed up with awesome bird photos! Birds are always photogenic, even if the photographer is not a pro!

Eastern Kingbird

Our goal here at Birdfreak has been to write about the fun of birding as well as promoting conservation that helps birds so we can continue to be birders in the future. We hope to be Bird Bloggers and conservation promoters for years to come. We haven’t been blogging very long yet and as we learn and grow, we love reading and talking about all the other blogs out there. They are so very different, some with a specific focus and great detail and some with large ranges and just general bird love.

One example we reference quite often is Bird Advocates. They focus on one specific, very real danger our birds face every day all over the country – Feral Cats. — An often overlooked topic.

There are some blogs that focus on a species of bird, such as Ivory-bills LiVE!! and others that use a bird name within their blog such as Antshrike’s Bird Blog who bird on the Texas/Mexican border.

A blog name may not be a sign of a good blog, but with names such as Birdchick and Mon@rch…you can’t go wrong! And they are just more proof that good birders are EVERYWHERE and that is awesome.

Birders know that the coolest thing about birding (and blogging) is that you can do it anywhere. From Swampblog in the south to Birding in Westcliffe, Colorado to Connecticut’s Brownstone Birding Blog to birding inArizona, birders are actively blogging in the United States and we think it is so terrific.

Hondubirding from Honduras, Trevor’s Birding from Australia, The Icelandic Birding Pages, Fraser’s Birding Blog from London, Birding Mongolia, and the Bird Ecology Study Group from Singapore prove that bird blogs are truly international (and so are birders).
It would be great to have a bird blog for every single country.

Black-capped Chickadee

We even have our own carnival, I and the Bird, created by 10,000 Birds, which is always fun.

But if you want to find links to almost every bird blog out there? Visit Birds Etcetera because he is working on finding every bird blog in the world and the list is HUGE.

Birding is for everyone!

5 thoughts on “Bird Blog Variety

  1. Wonderful post letting everyone know about such great birding blogs that are out their! I think we have a few blogs that you have listed that I have not seen yet! I know what I will be doing tomorrow! BTW: what better of a name for a birding blog than Birdfreak!

  2. Thanks for sharing this info – this is how I got into blogging, by searching for others who enjoy birding (and flowers/gardening). 🙂

  3. Great Post-Thanks for mentioning my blog-
    I Look at Birds Etcetera all the time to see what’s new.
    And don’t forget about your blog-which is one of my favorites.

  4. Once again I see your outstanding Team uniting conservation and birding blogs. Thanks once again for all your efforts and for your leadership.

  5. You are all so very welcome and thanks for the praise. We are fearful that the wonderful birds we enjoy so much are facing their toughest test, but we are optimistic about their ability to survive. But without all of our help to unite together to conserve their habitat, we will lose so much more than just the fun of watching birds.

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