Bird at All Times of the Day

#18 of 31 Days to Better Birding and Conservation

Ever heard the myth that birds become inactive at a certain time of day? Well, it is indeed a myth. Birds are active at all times of the day, and of course some at night too.

Nearly every day I try to go birding at lunch time, usually some time between 11 and 2 o’clock. Each day there are different birds (depending on the season) but there are always birds about. Some days are better than others but many times the lighting is perfect and the birds are more obvious. I’ve seen many warblers and other songbirds bathing during this time period and often Turkey Vultures and various raptors are soaring in the warm air.

The best time of day is still often in the early morning, but if you have a chance to bird during any part of the day, it is worthwhile. Often lunch is the only time during the day I can bird and I’m almost never disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Bird at All Times of the Day

  1. Maybe it’s an excuse for birders who have been birding all morning and need a reason to call it quits.-I’ve had good luck at times during mid-day as well.-Good point!

  2. Their is this great paper that talks about Falcons observed feeding on songbirds during their night migration! I so agree that birding can be done anytime of the day/night!

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