Biggest Week in American Birding – Banding Demonstrations

A wonderful thing about the Biggest Week in American Birding is that it is geared towards the utter love and education of birds…for ALL ages and skill levels.

The bird banding demonstration that Ken Keffer did with help from some Ohio Young Birders Club members is a great example of this. A new birder could see birds up close and learn about the banding process. An expert could get some great close-up photo-ops or a few identification details. Ken Keffer is an amazing education director and always captivates a crowd!

Ken Keffer discussing sparrow identification and bird banding
Bird Banding Demonstration

Ken Keffer, the fabulous Kim Kaufman and all the people who volunteer make this a superstar event! I seriously hope it becomes a permanent annual shindig. They work their tails off to bring the birds and education to life! !THANK YOU!

My theory is that if you show people the birds, they will love them…and if they love the birds they will want to protect them! 🙂 Dakota really had a great time helping out at the banding demonstration.

Dakota showing a White-crowned Sparrow
Dakota - Banding Demonstration

Dakota - Banding Demonstration

Robert showing an American Goldfinch
Bird Banding Demonstration - Robert

Ken takes a bite from a Red-winged Blackbird in the name of education
Bird Banding

The Black Swamp Bird Observatory does incredible migratory bird research (which is why it is so important that the wind turbine placement in sensitive bird areas be thoroughly researched!) and offer many opportunities for learning about bird banding in the spring and fall.

One thought on “Biggest Week in American Birding – Banding Demonstrations

  1. Thank you SO MUCH, BIRDFREAK team! It was so fun to have you guys around during The Biggest Week, and we really appreciate that you’re sharing these experiences with your followers. Bird conservation is the number one goal in everything that BSBO does – just like YOUR team at – and your support makes a huge difference!

    Can’t wait to see you guys again!

    Kimberly Kaufman
    Executive Director
    Black Swamp Bird Observatory

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