The Biggest Week in American Birding – 2016

Northwest Ohio is “The Warbler Capital of the World“. People come from all over the world to see all the beautiful spring migrants that stopover on their way north . The Biggest Week in American Birding a week-long bird festival that started in 2010, is now in full swing and each year it just gets better!

Biggest Week in American Birding Logo

Promoting bird conservation is a main focus of the Biggest Week. The mix of promoting conservation and the love of birds is what sets this festival apart from other great birding events. This year’s Biggest Week Conservation Fund gives 100 percent of it’s proceeds to improving and expanding habitat for birds, in wintering, stop-over and breeding areas.

The people of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory and everyone who partners, helps and joins in to help are the main reason this week is so successful. The organization of the field trips, the expert guided walks, fantastic speakers and the general feeling that every single level of bird watcher is welcome make this the best birding festival to attend.

Birds and Birders Everywhere
A Good Kind of Crowd

The Birdfreak team has been lucky enough to be part of this wonderful team in a small way. We have volunteered most years and it is an amazing and rewarding experience. The Biggest Week needs volunteers to help run the information booths and check in area for the festival each year and this is one the best ways to meet new birders, see old friends and learn a ton about birds.

Dakota - BSBO Info Booth 2016
Dakota volunteering at the BSBO Info Booth – 2016

You don’t have to be an expert on birds or the area to volunteer. The best way to find out more information about the festival or volunteering is to sign up for the Biggest week newsletter.

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