Baby Seahorses at the Mote Aquarium – Sarasota, Florida

Stacia at Mote Aquarium

Our trip to Florida brought us to the scientifically-reknowned research center known as the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium.

Situated in the beautiful town of Sarasota on 10.5 acres of land, Mote is a fascinating place for anyone with even a reMOTE interest in ocean life.

We wanted to see manatees and sea turtles but were enamored by something much different: seahorse babies!

Seahorse Babies

Seahorse Babies

Seahorse Babies

Other sweet finds were the always-entertaining Cuttlefish,


a preserved Giant Squid,

Giant Squid at Mote Aquarium

a starfish,


and a touchable sea cucumber.

Sea Cucumber

Of course, we also found two manatees munching on romaine lettuce.

Manatee at Mote Aquarium

Manatee at Mote Aquarium

And even a Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

A visit to Mote should be on everyone’s agenda if you visit west-central Florida.

Stacia and Me at Mote Aquarium

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  1. Lana – cuttlefish are odd and cool at the same time. So glad to have seen one.

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