Arizona Doberman – A Canine Birder’s First Campout

On Saturday, while in the middle of a big camping trip, we hosted a cookout for Dakota’s official birthday party. Arizona Doberman came along too for his very first camping trip.
Arizona Doberman camping
He adjusted well to camp life, but all of us were rudely awakened around two by a fierce-but-short storm that soaked everything. Arizona slept through most of the storm. We spent much of Sunday morning drying things out and heard a Pileated Woodpecker call from our campsite! We also heard a Wood Thrush and Eastern Towhee singing which made the job a bit more pleasant.
Arizona Doberman
Arizona didn’t bird much. But he did intently watch a brave Chipping Sparrow hop about near him.
Chipping Sparrow
All-in-all, he was very well-behaved. Success on Arizona’s first camping trip!
Arizona at Sugar River Forest Preserve

2 thoughts on “Arizona Doberman – A Canine Birder’s First Campout

  1. Since he is only a year old, I hope he has many camping trips left… I’ve always found camping to be the most relaxing thing (next to birding), even if it pours down rain sometimes.

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