American Bird Conservancy

The American Bird Conservancy has recently updated their website and they’ve done quite an excellent job. If you aren’t familiar with ABC, they are a four-star charity not-for-profit with a sole purpose on bird habitat conservation throughout the Americas.

The American Bird Conservancy is a leading force with many campaigns for the “Future of Bird Conservation“:

Despite the complex array of threats facing birds and their habitats, the opportunity to advance bird conservation has never been greater than it is today, thanks to the growth of the birding movement and to technical advances in bird conservation practice—many of which are led by ABC.

To take full advantage of these opportunities, ABC is launching a five-year, $40 million campaign, based on the principles of leadership, program excellence, innovation, and results, to advance the cause of bird conservation across the Americas.

The campaign aims to safeguard the rarest birds, conserve habitat for declining species, and eliminate the worst threats to bird populations. It will also help ABC lead the way in bird conservation science and innovation through a new Institute for Bird Conservation, and supercharge the bird movement through a broad-based Bird Conservation Alliance to leverage maximum conservation results across the hemisphere.

[Full list of all the programs ABC is a part of]

Now would be a good time to join the American Bird Conservancy!!

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