All Things Reconsidered – Birding With Roger Tory Peterson

Roger Tory Peterson was one of the world’s best and most-famous birders. He had the ability to inspire people young and old, engage people in conservation, and even write a field guide.

All Things Reconsidered: My Birding Adventures is a collection of articles written by the master himself, Roger Tory Peterson. These stories provide a fascinating view into Roger’s world as an artist, naturalist, photographer, birder, and all around great person.

While never having the opportunity to meet Mr. Peterson, by reading his works and studying his field guide we feel the deep connection. It is fascinating to read into the life of such a great birder and conservationist, to immerse ourselves in his joys and struggles.

From “Capsized by a Rogue Wave”

Because our eyes were on the cormorants lined up onshore, only one of us was aware of the rogue wave—even momentarily—before our boat was rolled over, a couple hundred yards off Western Egg Rock, in fifteen or sixteen feet of water. I was wrapped in eye-dazzling foam one moment, in murky green depths the next, with dark objects sinking around me—thousands of dollars’ worth of camera equipment…had it not been for the courage and strength of young Bob Bowman, who helped me keep my head above water, I would not have had my eighty-second birthday.

Roger Tory Peterson always seemed to remain positive, always kept a sharp eye on the world around him, and always made others feel at ease in his presence.

The articles in All Things Reconsidered can be read by themselves but be warned, you may be unable to put the book down.

From the Bronx to Botswana and Cape May to Connecticut, these stories are inspirational and informative. Roger Tory Peterson shows us that while he was known mostly for his art skill, field guides, and eye for photography, he was also a superb writer and story teller.

Rating: 10 out of 10 feathers

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